Artist Statement

My work is inspired by the traditional crafts and folk art of many cultures, by the creations of ancient civilizations and by the visual variety found in nature.  I work primarily in clay and glass and often combine these two materials. The contrast between the transparent glass and the opaque clay can be dramatic.


One of clay's wonderful qualities is its ability to accept texture.  I carve designs or impress patterns into the moist clay and later highlight the fired surface with glazes and stains.  I'm always searching for objects that will make interesting marks in clay.  My collection of "texture tools" has been gathered on travels to exotic locations as well as walks in the woods.  In this simple way, my art is a reflection of my experiences.


In my studio I strive to create lively objects that show the work of the hand and the spirit.  The art gives me a feeling of connection with other artists working both today and throughout history.

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